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Builders are being sued in court and losing.


Stucco has been getting a bad reputation lately due to some people's confusion between traditional stucco (Portland cement based plaster) and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System or synthetic-stucco.) For example: A front page article in the Sunday, (2004) Apr. 10, Kansas City Star titled Problems Lurking Behind Bad Stucco, describes the problems homeowners and builders are facing with improperly applied EIFS, but constantly refers to it simply as stucco.

To confuse matters worse, one of the few places where the correct term synthetic-stucco is used is as a caption for a photo of a traditional stucco job in progress! We are responding to this article the only way we know how - by taking it upon ourselves to educate the masses.
Kansas City is currently experiencing a rash of lawsuits stemming from improperly applied EIFS on residential houses (for more information see the above mentioned article, which is misleading, but otherwise well written) but let's not throw out the baby with the bath water!
Not everyone has been fooled of course. Many of the buildings that were destroyed by the recent tornadoes in our area are being rebuilt with traditional stucco, to give them a better chance the next time high winds come along.

In order to assist you in making important decisions about contracting a stucco job, we've prepared a brief description of the critical steps involved in modern stucco construction for you to reference. We've also included a list of all the applicable building codes, as well as the distribution sources for these, should you wish to educate yourself further (see the enclosed recipe for successful stucco).

It's not news to most builders that improperly applied stucco exteriors can cause some very costly problems. What many don't know, however, is that there is one company you can always count on. Missouri Valley Plaster, Inc. has developed a reputation as the only company that some builders will use. Builders like our sister company Most Valued Properties, inc. and the President of the Springfield HBA who know the right way is not always the cheapest way - unless you get sued that is.
When Springfield's residents who chose the look and durability of traditional stucco for their homes, start finding problems and asking questions, will you be sweating or will you consider yourself lucky that you hired Missouri Valley Plaster?

• Traditional stucco applied correctly lasts for hundreds of years.  (For more, see enclosed document from the Portland Cement Association).

• Stucco's versatility in finish textures and colors insures that it is here to stay.
(You can make stucco look like brick - but not the other way around)

• Many well-established stucco companies neglect proven methods - and pay for it.  (At Missouri Valley Plaster, if the customer wants to cut corners - we don't bid the job).

• Many contractors and homeowners have also paid.
(Ultimately, it's the contractor's job to insure that the exterior of a house is built to withstand the elements. It's arguable that anyone contracting a stucco job should do their homework and be familiar with all the applicable building codes - and then make sure they are followed).

• The stucco industry itself suffers every time a job is done wrong.  (Stucco is our lifeblood here at MVP. We hate it when stucco gets a bad reputation because of the negligence of other applicators).

• We have decided to do something about it - namely give away all our secrets.
(Please see the enclosed "Recipe for successful Stucco" to learn more.)


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