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Long Lasting

The WALCRETE System uses Hi-Quality Galvanized Steel & Zinc Components, and Only the Best Polyurethane Sealants, Allowing us to Offer a Homeowners Lifetime Warranty Plan! 

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Top Quality

Fiber-Reinforced, Acrylic-Modified, Hi-Surface Strength, Full Masonry. 
Licensed Contractors will prepare, design and construct your project, no matter the size.

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Expert Service

Missouri Valley Plaster has decade of satisfied clientele, all over the country.  References readily available.   Home based from beautiful Springfield, MO.

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The Award Winning


Traditional Portland cement plaster (stucco) is a time-tested exterior finish. It consists of Portland cement-based materials and sand, mixed with water to form a workable plaster. Portland cement, the same material that is the basis for the hardened properties of concrete used to build super-highways, bridges, and skyscrapers provides strength, durability, and toughness in Portland cement plaster.

About Us

Walcrete experts can assure you the finish you are looking for!  If you dream it, we can create it.  Faithful reproduction, and original designs that get noticed, workmanship and strength that endure...

Applied to metal lath, three coats form a 7/8-inch total thickness. A vapor-permeable, water-resistant building paper separates the plaster and lath from water-sensitive sheathing or framing. Cementitious stucco has high impact resistance and sheds water, but it also breathes, allowing water vapor to escape. It is a proven system that works in all climates..  Strength & Beauty Traditional stucco provides a tough exterior that resists attack - from woodpeckers to weed wackers, to grocery carts.

That inherent toughness is beautifully complemented by the variety of colors and textures available. Whether its you business or your home, appearance is an important consideration in selecting a wall cladding. You can select a color and texture consistent with the message and image you wish to convey.

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Faux White Brick


Faux Wood Concrete Floor


Custom Old World Zio's Pizza


Custom Wall Hanging


Modern French Malge'

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The Walcrete team worked overtime to finish our basement floor.  They came up with a unique design that everyone still raves about when they see it.  Thanks guys!  I would highly recommend Walcrete!

Samantha Smith Perfect Event Planners

We trust Walcrete to clad our franchises.   I have sent them as far as Wisconsin to design and finish our exteriors.  They used local compounds to save cost.  I won't trust anyone else to get it right.  Our exclusive and unique design is part of our customer experience.

Gregory Wilson

RS Franchising Operations

Walcrete designed the surface of our patio and pool area.  Making our patio experience awesome!  A BBQ Grill area, walls and walkways that blend with the landscape! We were so pleased and couldn't be happier!  I would recommend Walcrete for a premium job at a great price.  Thank you

Robin Tunny Mom